Why You Should Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

Often, victims of a car accident show up at the Love Law Firm only after they’ve exhausted all other options while trying to handle the situation themselves. Sometimes it’s because they didn’t believe their injuries were serious enough to warrant hiring a Charleston car accident attorney; other times they wrongly assumed that their insurance company would be looking out for their best interests. In most cases, both assumptions are wrong.

Why You Should Hire a Car Accident Attorney | Charleston WV Accident Attorney

Although it is legally possible to handle a car accident claim yourself, it’s usually prudent to hire a Charleston car accident attorney from the outset, especially when there is bodily damage. From our experience working with car accident victims from all across Charleston and West Virginia at large, we’ve compiled the top 5 reasons our clients have discovered it’s advisable to hire The Love Law Firm sooner rather than later.

Complications During The Case

If you try to handle the claim on your own, then hire a Charleston car accident attorney later, your claim may become more difficult to handle. It’s like trying to fix your own computer before taking it to the shop; you might be able to fix it yourself, but if you can’t, the repairman will have a harder time fixing it for you. Additionally, it is possible that further complications may come up later that may require a legal professional. If you are unsure how to handle a claim, contact an attorney for a consultation.

Insurance Negotiations

Many people do not feel comfortable negotiating their own insurance settlements. Not only can the process be difficult and uncomfortable for some, it also requires at least a reasonable knowledge of the legal process. Consider allowing a Charleston car accident attorney negotiate for you. The average individual represented by an attorney receives 3 ½ times the settlement as an individual who has no representation. This can add up to a substantial amount in a regular settlement.

Avoid Tricks and Pitfalls

Often, insurance companies may attempt to “pull a fast one” on self-representing clients. They may ask for a release of medical history, then attempt to claim that the injury is from a previous medical condition or prior accident. Other times, they may simply confuse the individual with lots of legal terminology. Either way, it’s almost always best to simply allow a professional to sort through the complications.

Avoid Complicated Research

The insurance company will have attorneys representing them. In order to effectively handle your own case, you would need to spend hours researching the various details of law, and the lawyers you would face will have much more experience. In cases like this, it is often best to allow a professional to handle the details for you.

Disputed Liability

Even when the other party is clearly at fault, the insurance company may try to dispute liability to save money. If the liability is in dispute, professional representation is absolutely necessary. A lawyer will be able to collect evidence and information needed to defend your case more effectively than an untrained individual could.

Call the Love Law Firm Today for the Best Car Accident Representation

For all of these reasons and more, calling a Charleston car accident attorney at the beginning of your case can save you not only a lot of headache, but also a lot of money in lost opportunities and payouts. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, regardless of fault, give The Love Law Firm a call at (304) 344 5683.

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