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Most types of injuries, no matter the cause, can result in a variety of cuts and lacerations. Some of these injuries can penetrate deep into the skin, causing permanent nerve damage, risk of life from blood loss, scarring, or other severe injuries. On the other hand, many cuts and lacerations are quite minor and present no immediate danger. At the Love Law Firm, Charleston WV personal injury attorney Charles Love will take on cuts and laceration cases of all types.

Whether the injury occurred due to an accident or at the workplace, or you suspect that the cuts and lacerations are a sign of elder abuse at a West Virginia nursing home, lawyer Charles Love ensures compassionate, one-on-one legal representation to help you fight for the justice and the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Personal Injury

One of the most common causes of cuts and lacerations comes from accidents and personal injury. Whereas sharp objects can cut through the skin and cause blood and possible nerve damage, blunt trauma is a major contributor to serious lacerations, especially life-threatening lacerations to the head. Some examples of lacerations caused by an accident may include:Charleston WV Cuts Attorney | Personal Injury | Love Law Firm

If you’ve received serious cuts and/or lacerations in an accident around the Charleston, WV area, your first task is to seek medical intervention to take care of the damages and mitigate any life-threatening injuries. Secondly, by calling the Love Law Firm, we’ll determine the party(s) responsible for your injuries, investigate the accident to determine the level of negligence that caused the accident, and pursue your case in court seeking damages incurred from medical expenses, therapy expenses, permanent disfigurement, loss of income from work, and pain and suffering.

Workers’ Compensation

In addition to accidents caused by negligent individuals, cuts and lacerations often occur at the workplace. With sharp edges, glass, machinery, and other potentially dangerous objects and environments in many Charleston workplaces, cuts and lacerations are bound to occur. Fortunately, if your employer has workers’ compensation, you should receive adequate medical attention and compensation if you are injured at work.

Charleston WV Cuts Attorney | Personal Injury | Love Law FirmHowever, if your employer is being negligent, creating or not addressing hazardous conditions at work, or not following standardized safety protocols, it is essential to contact an attorney experienced with workers’ compensation claims. Often, the employer’s insurer may not provide fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries, and we at the Love Law Firm will initiate motions to hold negligent employers responsible.

Signs of Elder Abuse

Even when cuts and lacerations are minor and not life-threatening, they may still be signs of abuse. This is especially true when a Charleston, WV nursing home is either abusing or being negligent to the individuals under the care of the nursing home’s staff. Although cuts and lacerations can occur through no fault of the nursing home, if cuts and lacerations are appearing frequently, you should be aware that abuse or negligence may be occurring in the nursing home.Charleston WV Cuts Attorney | Personal Injury | Love Law Firm

If you do suspect nursing home abuse, make sure to document all instances of cuts and lacerations. By contacting the Love Law Firm, we will relentlessly pursue the nursing home abuse claim and take the proper steps to ensure that the nursing home doesn’t continue to harm your loved one or anyone else.

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