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Amputation is among the most life-changing occurrences you can experience. The loss of a limb can affect nearly every aspect of your life, from completing simple chores to being able to work at your previous capacity, for instance. Due to the severe consequences associated with amputation, especially when amputation resulted at work, because of medical malpractice, or because of the negligence of another, you should acquire the legal representation of a prominent Charleston, WV amputation attorney.

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At the Love Law Firm, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals throughout West Virginia successfully pursue compensation for a severe, life-altering personal injury, and we fully understand the difficulties, financial damages, and personal needs involving an amputation.

Trauma Related Amputation Cases

Following a severe trauma-related accident, amputation may be the only recourse for the injuries incurred. Often, amputation can result from a car accident, motorcycle crash, bicycle or pedestrian incident, or a workplace injury. According to the National Limb Loss Information Center, upper-limb amputations accounted for nearly 68 percent of all trauma-related incidents.

Although many cases of amputation are due to the fault of the amputated individual, you need to consider pursuing a personal injury lawsuit when the amputation resulted from the negligence of another.

As the victim, you’re not only suffered, at no fault of your own, the loss of a limb, but you may have to pay for the medical expenses, change of lifestyle expenses, physical and psychological therapy, loss of income, and loss of future earning capacity, among many other damages.

Wrongful Amputation Cases (Medical Malpractice)

Another common type of amputation lawsuits involves wrongful amputation due to medical malpractice. In these cases, the amputation was completely avoidable, but due to a doctor’s or surgeon’s incompetence, or other factors, you lost a limb. This incompetence is often associated with:

  • failing to properly diagnose a patient (such as with compartment syndrome)
  • failing to treat an infection correctly
  • misreading a patient’s medical chart
  • lack of communication between hospital staff
  • operating under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • allowing tissue death to occur when it was preventable

At the Love Law Firm, we have experienced enough of these cases to understand the difference between amputation and wrongful amputation, and being able to prove this difference is fundamental to winning your case.

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Time is certainly of the essence in these cases, as from when the amputation occurs, you’ll be encountering tens of thousands, if not more, in medical costs. Furthermore, acting quickly is essential to better gather the documents and information needed to present a strong case to Charleston civil courts.

Whether you’re pursuing a personal injury case, medical malpractice, or worker’s compensation, amputation attorney Charles M. Love will work quickly and efficiently to move your case along. For a free consultation, one-on-one with attorney Love, call our Charleston law office today at (304) 344 5683. We look forward to working with you.