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Back injuries can occur in countless ways, from sudden and unexpected trauma to constant strain on your back over the course of many years. Because the back is such an integral factor in our lives, suffering a debilitating injury can pose significant difficulties to everyday life.

Charleston WV Back Injury Attorney | Love Law Firm

If you or someone you know has suffered back injury in a car crash, work injury, slip and fall, or any other type of accident, you should contact an experienced Charleston, WV back injury attorney to pursue compensation for the undoubtedly substantial damages you have incurred.

Types of Back Injury Damages

The severity of a back injury can range from mild to severe, from constant ache and pain after years of lifting at your job to a car accident that has left you partially or even completely paralyzed. In the realm of personal injury law, there is no range of damages unique to back injuries, and it all depends on the severity and consequences of your specific injury.

As such, whether pursuing a personal injury lawsuit or workers’ compensation, for instance, it is essential to consider the full extent of the physical, emotional, and financial damages related to the injury. Some things to consider when pursuing this case include:

  • Medical expenses for necessary treatment, including everything from emergency or initial visits to surgery and long-term chiropractic care.
  • Lost wages due to the back injury preventing you from working at your job
  • Loss of future work opportunities and earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages, especially in cases of serious negligence and severe injury
  • Wrongful death damages if death occurred

How a Back Injury Attorney Can Help

Back injuries can result from an array of factors, but it can be the result of negligence from another party. If you have suffered this grave injury due to another’s wrongful action, incompetence, or negligence, you shouldn’t have to bear the weight of these damages by yourself. However, when considering the legal needs for a lawsuit, you’ll need to prove the amount of negligence that led to the back injury. As West Virginia is a comparative fault state, the court can determine the percentage of fault between both parties.

For instance, if the court found you at 30 percent fault for the car accident that led to your back injury, the other party is only liable for 70 percent of the damages. In other words, if your damages equal $10,000, the other party only needs to pay $7,000. Through investigation and a strong legal strategy, attorney Charles M. Love will devote substantial resources to determining the exact level of fault from the other party.

Contact the Love Law Firm For Your Injury

From our extensive experience representing individuals with back injuries, we at the Love Law Firm fully understand the amount of damages, both present and future damages, for which you’ll need compensation. Often, the other party’s insurance company may wish to settle at a lesser amount, and a competent personal injury attorney must be diligent when negotiating or aggressively pursuing a fair and reasonable amount, whether in courts or at the negotiation table.

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