Wrongful Termination in Charleston West Virginia

Losing your job is never a pleasant experience, as you are losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars you need in order to not only survive but have all the comforts of an average lifestyle. We understand that a loss of income is a major problem in itself if your spouse or other family member still has a job, but if you work alone and/or take care of dependents, sudden unemployment can completely destroy your life.

Wrongful Termination Attorney Charleston WV | The Love Law FirmLike in most states in our country, West Virginia’s employees work on an at-will basis, which means that your employment can be terminated at any time, with no prior warning and no reason provided.

However, employees are also protected through the wrongful termination law, which covers the following:

Contract – Your employee contract specifically states that you are not an at-will employee and, therefore, cannot be fired without a legitimate reason.

Discrimination* – You have been fired due to your age (if over 40), gender, skin color, religion, disability, citizenship status, or any other characteristic protected under the United States human rights laws.

* Discrimination cases should be filed to the EEOC or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal agency that enforces the country’s employment discrimination laws.

Human rights** – You have been fired as punishment for exercising your lawful rights, such as retaliating against any type of harassment by your employer.

** West Virginian employees are protected under the whistleblowers law, which allows you to report any illegal, unsafe or unethical activity in the workplace.

Fired for any of these reasons?

If you have been fired for any of these reasons, rest assured that as your wrongful termination lawyer, we will do everything in our power to get you the compensation you deserve. If you have suffered a wrongful termination, you are legally entitled to receive compensation for past and future financial losses, including any unemployment benefits, as well as compensation for emotional distress the loss of your job has likely caused.

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