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A workplace injury is one of the most complicated situations to deal with, in terms of both personal and legal aspects. Such injuries can occur as a result of an accident in any occupation where everyday hazards range from moderate to extreme, such as construction, mining, commercial truck driving, etc. These injuries can also occur in a seemingly safe work environment – one day, you might be injured in an accidental slip and fall!

Workplace injuries can have devastating effects on the life of the worker as well as their family, particularly in the case of a wrongful death. If the worker suffers from injuries affecting their head, limbs and/or back, they are often unable to do their job. Moreover, the time they spend not working is likely used for various doctor’s appointments. A sudden loss of income combined with unexpected medical bills can result in a serious financial problem.

Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Did you know that West Virginia has the highest rate of workplace injuries in the country? In such cases, employees are entitled to receive Workers’ Compensation provided by their employer, although the amount may not be enough to cover all the financial losses. In addition, state laws do not protect employers from additional lawsuits if the injury occurred due to the employer’s negligence, such as from faulty equipment or other unsafe working conditions. It may be difficult at times to prove the employer’s violation of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration* (OSHA), and that the injury was not caused by the worker’s own negligence.

* This may be subject to a deliberate intent claim, also known as the Mandolidis claim, where the West Virginian employer is aware of the dangerous condition(s) prior to the injury.

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Have you or a loved one faced a serious or fatal workplace injury?

If you or a loved one has suffered from a serious or fatal workplace injury as a result of the employer’s negligence, contact your Charleston, WV, lawyer for more information. We will determine whether the injury was caused due to deliberate intent and help you receive the compensation you deserve. At the Love Law Firm, we will respond to your case promptly and efficiently.

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